Avoid using a gas leaf blower

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Fumes and noise from gas leaf blowers harm the environment, our health, and our ears. Use a rake, broom, or electric blower instead. Or simply leave fallen leaves in place to decompose and save yourself time.


Gas leaf blowers produce a lot of hot air in the form of air blowing from one end and heat (and fumes) from the other. Besides lots of noise, they generate more pollution than cars! because they do not filter out any of the nasty stuff coming from burning gas. They also have been linked to adverse health effects to landscapers and communities.

There are better sustainable options. A simple alternative is using a rake or broom to do the same job. It will save you money and you get some exercise out of it. To make the job easier, do not overdo your outdoor tidying up. For example, leave fallen leaves where they fall. They are a part of the ecosystem, so let them break down over time and contribute nutrients to your soil as they decompose. Plus, it is a nice help to bees as they sometimes nest in leaves.

If you need a little more power, look at electric options powered by a cord or battery back. No fumes to breathe, and they run a little quieter than their gas counterparts.


• If you are looking for a new rake, broom, or other sweeping option, try buying used if possible.

• If that is not easy to do, look for one without plastic that is made of wood or bamboo with a recyclable metal on the end. They tend to last longer and avoid plastic waste.

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