Eat more nuts!

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Per calorie and gram of protein, nuts are about as good as it gets. They are both nut-ritious (pun intended!) and a planet-friendly option. They are generally efficient to produce and generate little carbon pollution in the process. As a bonus, nuts are currently replacing croplands, and that means extra carbon stored in nut trees. Why not support that trend by making them a larger portion of your diet?

Plus because nuts are in a natural state (i.e. not processed) they will provide longer-lasting energy instead of calorie bomb processed alternatives. That means you could end up losing some weight and improve your health at the same time!


• Have fun exploring different types of nuts. Figure out what you enjoy and bring some variety to your diet.

• Do not judge a nut on its price. Just because something costs more does not mean it is better. Usually, it is a reflection of the cost of production and transport.

• Not all nuts are created equal from a sustainability standpoint, but all are better than eating meat.

• Peanuts are easier on the environment than almonds. It takes much less water to grow peanuts than the same amount of almonds. And unfortunately, most almonds are grown in drought-stricken California.

• Brazil nuts benefit the environment because they only grow well when surrounded by their natural ecosystem. This helps stop deforestation in the Amazon.

• Hazelnuts also do not need a lot of pesticides and can be grown in soils where other crops will not grow, helping us use our limited land better.

• While these are interesting tie-breakers to navigate the nut world, ultimately, the key point is to eat more nuts! A win for your tastebuds, your health, and our shared planet.

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