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In a culture often gripped by short-term thinking, a deep-time perspective enables humans to comprehend how dependent we are on the gifts we have inherited from the long evolutionary journey of the Earth.

Take a Deep Time Walk by using the free award-winning app of the same name. You can experience a walking audio history of the living Earth. Enjoy a nice stroll outdoors, in any place you choose, as you walk 4.6 km through 4.6 billion years of deep time. Each meter traipsed represents 1 million years!

The dramatized audio narrative combines scientific evidence with poetry to tell the story of the formation of the planet, providing a unique and educational perspective of deep time. It is a wonderful way to connect with the interconnected living Earth around us. Become good ancestors and recognize the impacts that our actions have on the generations to come.

The kinetic Deep Time Walk is an embodied experience, bringing the rational and somatic together into a unique learning tool. The last million years are measured using your body, with the final 20cm representing just 200,000 years – roughly the time during which Homo sapiens has been on Earth. A Deep Time Walk helps you recognize the long geological processes that have produced the conditions for the evolution of life, understand our common evolutionary history with all life and consider the geological impact of humanity.

The Deep Time Walk App is produced by the non-profit Deep Time Walk CIC based in the United Kingdom. It was developed by producers, writers, actors, and designers from BBC Radio, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Love Actually, Judge Dredd, and the Shakespeare Globe, London.


• Walk with Nature - The Deep Time Walk is designed to work seamlessly in the background, allowing you to fully embrace the walking experience. Before the walk begins, the narrator suggests you put your device in a pocket, encouraging your focus to shift from the screen to the natural world around you.

• Stereo or Gaiaphonic - The soundscape is produced in glorious stereo, creatively balanced between left and right ears. However, the producers also created a Gaiaphonic mode, allowing all the sound to be channeled into one ear, allowing the other to be present to the world around you.

• Accessible - Not everyone can walk 4.6 km. For this reason, the app has a mobility-assist mode. This enables you to listen to the narration in a simulated form without moving.

• If you prefer to get away from technology altogether, you can also use the Deep Time Cards, which enable you to go on your own Deep Time Walk or lead a Deep Time Walk with others in your local area.

Download the free Deep Time Walk app at www.deeptimewalk.org

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