Wear reusable face masks

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COVID-19 has introduced a new pollutant into our environment, face masks. If you do not work in a field that requires disposable face masks, and if you feel comfortable, opt for a reusable option to avoid the waste! You will save money by investing in a few quality ones rather than continuing to purchase disposable ones.

It has been recorded that over 1.5 BILLION face masks entered the ocean in 2020, producing over 5,000 tons of pollution. Furthermore, some of these masks are estimated to take more than a century to decompose, which is entirely too long.


• Make sure your mask has at least two cloth layers for better protection.

• Wash your reusable mask regularly to maximize protection and keep it fresh.

• Do not buy the plastic masks that cover the nose and mouth like a cloth mask - air just goes around them and they are not as effective.

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