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Survival is a global non-profit that fights for Indigenous people, including their right to protect the environment. They are a movement of people from over 100 countries and a champion of tribal peoples worldwide. Survival exists to prevent the annihilation of tribal peoples and to give them a platform to speak so the world can bear witness to the genocidal violence, slavery, and racism they face daily. By lobbying the powerful, Survival helps defend the lives, lands, and futures of tribal people who should have the same rights as other contemporary societies. They reject government funding so they can guarantee absolute independence and integrity. Some of their wins include helping the Yanomami people create the largest area of rainforest under Indigenous control in the world, partnering with India's Dongria Kondh tribe to fight against mining giant Vedanta, and supporting the Kalahari Bushmen win a landmark case to return to their ancestral land. Anyone can join Survival. Get started by signing up for their newsletter and following them on social media. You can also donate and FUN-draise (as they call it). They also hold events and offer online actions and petitions.

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