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What is the Tip Jar Campaign?

We want to hear what projects you’re most excited about! The Tip Jar Campaign is a fundraiser where you can contribute to specific projects by tipping towards your preferred choice. At the end of the campaign Earth Hero will develop and launch the project that received the most support!

Add 50 More Actions

This project adds 50 new Earth Hero actions related to pets, children, driving system change, and other great ways to advance your climate journey.

Launch a Web App

This project creates a web app version of Earth Hero. This way, you can easily access Earth Hero through a web browser.

What Your Donation Does

Earth Hero is a non-profit team of volunteers working to address the climate emergency and improve the health of our shared planet. Your support helps us increase the positive impact of all Earth Heroes and cover our operating costs.

Empowers Action

Earth Hero provides tools and resources that help hundreds of thousands fight climate change through practical actions.

Improves Lives

Whether adjusting your transportation, eating, or pushing for leaders to act, Earth Hero provides personalized guidance to help lead more fulfilling and sustainable lives.

Supports Earth

This planet needs you. We cannot do this alone. A collective effort is necessary so future generations can enjoy this unique and wonderful world.

Where does your money go with monthly donation?

At Earth Hero, we are committed to acting as ethical stewards of your gifts. Your support ensures that Earth Hero is 100% free for everyone worldwide. It funds the technology and tools we use to create, improve, distribute, and spread the message about better ways of living.