We are Earth Heros

We believe a billion compassionate activists can restore a healthy earth where life can thrive, so we are motivated to inspire people and their communities to join the global climate movement.

Our nonprofit volunteer team is focused on providing tools and ideas that empower all who want to reduce emissions and care for our shared planet. We help people to effectively respond to the climate emergency while strengthening their resilience and quality of life.
Team member Jasmin Schultze
Jasmin Schultze
Language wizard in German, English, and French. Aspiring Psychologist.
Team member Alvaro Diaz
Alvaro Diaz
Industrial Engineer interested in applying a complex systems approach to climate policy
Team member Eva Bishop
Eva Bishop
Passionate climate activist who created MyActionMatters.org
Team member Cyndy Parr, Ph.D.
Cyndy Parr, Ph.D.
Big Data, Open Data, and Public Access expert, helped create Encyclopedia of Life at the Smithsonian
Team member Tracy Samphier
Tracy Samphier
Civil engineer with a background in transportation interested in communicating about the climate emergency
Team member Mitchell Hart
Mitchell Hart
Creator experienced in Design & Technology
Team member Tom Feltham
Tom Feltham
User experience design and digital marketing strategy
Team member Julia Curran
Julia Curran
Graphic designer that creates visual narratives to evoke emotional responses and behaviors/choices
Team member Jim Connolly
Jim Connolly
Experienced UX/UI designer
Team member Peter Kalmus, Ph.D.
Peter Kalmus, Ph.D.
Climate Scientist at NASA JPL, Author of the book Being the Change
Team member Mark Kane
Mark Kane
Web Developer
Team member Dan Lew
Dan Lew
Android Developer and Blogger
Team member Joshua Thorley
Joshua Thorley
Experienced Product Designer
Team member Brian Christensen
Brian Christensen
Android Developer
Team member Adam Leskis
Adam Leskis
Frontend Software Engineer focusing on React and Web development
Team member Stepan Weibal
Stepan Weibal
Part of the Klimabewegung Basel, a climate strike associated group of concerned people
Team member Manju Muthaiya
Manju Muthaiya
Web Developer
Team member Zachary Segall
Zachary Segall
Early-career software developer and designer, hobbiest in studying behavior change
Team member Esther
Talented with languages and opening minds to the climate emergency on Twitter (@Quieroserabuela)
Team member Jonny Peacock
Jonny Peacock
Experienced UX/UI designer
Team member Pat Barry
Pat Barry
iOS developer with a degree in environmental science
Team member Cristina Mendonça
Cristina Mendonça
Change Strategist with 20+ years-experience and Founder of Techni.com.br
Team member Ben Gerhold
Ben Gerhold
Innovation developer with experience in 100's of successful new product launches
Team member Annette Olson, Ph.D.
Annette Olson, Ph.D.
Environmental scientist, created ClimateSteps.org website and community
Team member Nina Chkhenkeli
Nina Chkhenkeli
User-centered design practitioner helping interactions between computers and humans
Team member Jesus Rodriguez
Jesus Rodriguez
Android Developer
Team member Robert Woodford
Robert Woodford
Marketing and Strategy (ex Adobe/Qualcomm), Ecology/Science/Religion, Musician