We are Earth Heroes

We believe a billion compassionate activists can restore a healthy earth where life can thrive, so we are motivated to inspire people and their communities to join the global climate movement.

Our nonprofit volunteer team is focused on providing tools and ideas that empower all who want to reduce emissions and care for our shared planet. We help people to effectively respond to the climate emergency while strengthening their resilience and quality of life.
Team member Adam Leskis
Adam Leskis
Frontend software engineer focusing on React and Web development
Team member Alex Law
Alex Law
Software engineer
Team member Alicia Wang
Alicia Wang
Product Manager
Team member Annamária Kupó
Annamária Kupó
Social Media Manager, Geographer
Team member Annette Olson, Ph.D.
Annette Olson, Ph.D.
Environmental scientist, created ClimateSteps.org website and community
Team member Becky Hirn
Becky Hirn
Writer, teacher, traveler, gardener, and nature enthusiast
Team member Ben Gerhold
Ben Gerhold
Innovation developer with experience in 100's of successful new product launches
Team member Cristina Mendonça
Cristina Mendonça
Change Strategist with 20+ years-experience and Founder of Techni.com.br
Team member Cyndy Parr, Ph.D.
Cyndy Parr, Ph.D.
Big Data, Open Data, and Public Access expert, helped create Encyclopedia of Life at the Smithsonian
Team member Dang Du
Dang Du
Economics, design, sustainable development, and climate finance
Team member Dave Tierney
Dave Tierney
Web developer, tinkerer, outdoor adventurer
Team member Dayoung Lee
Dayoung Lee
Android developer
Team member Elle (Eleanor) Dashfield
Elle (Eleanor) Dashfield
User experience research, software testing, ecology and behaviour
Team member Eric Schulte
Eric Schulte
Team member Eva Hofmann
Eva Hofmann
Student of Environmental Sustainability, gardener, musician, writer and German expat
Team member Gladin Varghese
Gladin Varghese
Sustainable Data Scientist and Content Creator
Team member Helia Taromi
Helia Taromi
Persian (Farsi) Translator, Programmer, Concerned about the future
Team member Ibrahim (ibam)
Ibrahim (ibam)
Software Engineer
Team member Jaime Hicks
Jaime Hicks
Environmental Engineering EIT, climate change advocate, and French translator
Team member Juan Jose Perez
Juan Jose Perez
Web developer, connecting with nature, back to our roots
Team member Juliane Miersch
Juliane Miersch
German Brit, content expert, animal friend.
Team member Karl Jamoralin
Karl Jamoralin
Android Developer
Team member Kauê Jacyntho
Kauê Jacyntho
iOS Developer
Team member Kien Dang
Kien Dang
Software engineer
Team member Kylath George
Kylath George
Android developer
Team member Lan Anh Dang
Lan Anh Dang
Android developer
Team member Lloyd Chrein
Lloyd Chrein
Writer, Editor, Consultant
Team member Lucy Chen
Lucy Chen
UI/UX Designer
Team member Maaya Yamauchi
Maaya Yamauchi
Software Engineer
Team member Maria Berg
Maria Berg
Mixed Methods UX Researcher
Team member Martin Chukwumah
Martin Chukwumah
Content writer, supporting customisation for Africa
Team member Mokun Li
Mokun Li
Animal lover and developer
Team member Naama Ben Oliel Ronen
Naama Ben Oliel Ronen
Product Leader
Team member Naomi Sugiura
Naomi Sugiura
Japanese translator
Team member Navin Dhirwani
Navin Dhirwani
Full Stack Developer
Team member Pascha Scott
Pascha Scott
Brand strategy, marketing, storytelling
Team member Peter Kalmus, Ph.D.
Peter Kalmus, Ph.D.
Climate Scientist at NASA JPL, Author of the book Being the Change
Team member Prat Tana
Prat Tana
Software Engineer, Minimalist, and Nature Enthusiast
Team member Priyanka Baskaran
Priyanka Baskaran
Android Developer
Team member Richter Lau
Richter Lau
Software Engineer
Team member Sabrina Morellato
Sabrina Morellato
UX researcher
Team member Sandy Wilmore
Sandy Wilmore
Team manager, researcher, writer
Team member Sean Murray
Sean Murray
Software Engineer
Team member Susan Chien
Susan Chien
UX Designer
Team member Susan Jung
Susan Jung
UI Designer
Team member Till Haßel
Till Haßel
German translator and content creator
Team member Tom Feltham
Tom Feltham
User experience design and digital marketing strategy
Team member Yasmine Himanen
Yasmine Himanen
Software Developer, passionate about curbing climate change through tech