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Telecommuting has great potential to reduce emissions. Although it is not feasible for all people to work from home all of the time, transportation makes up more than a quarter of all global CO2 emissions and this is one of the best actions we can take to reduce that impact.

If a quarter of the world worked from home it would eliminate 27 million tonnes of emissions annually. Even more promising than the direct reduction in pollution, there are echo effects from the change in lifestyle. It has positive effects on the need to own a car, buy new clothing, replacing/upgrading roads, manufacturing more automobiles, etc.

The benefits of working from home do not stop with the environment. Many people enjoy saving money and time from not commuting. Plus operating costs for the employer decreases with lower need for office space. It can also be a recruiting tool for organizations to attract better talent.

The increasing acceptance by employers of working from home has opened the door for many who never would have thought that it would be allowed. Do not miss out!


• If your employer is still getting used to the idea make sure the first steps are small and productive. Consider starting small with one day a week at home and ensure they see tangible benefits to your availability and productivity working remotely.

• Set up a station in your home much like at work where you can focus and be productive without distractions.

• Build routine in your day. Think about regular breaks to get up and about to keep your mind fresh.

• Coffee shops can be great places to set up meetings when you require more than a video conference can offer.

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