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Founded in 2019, we are a community of volunteers made of more than 100 leading scientists, developers, designers, translators, and communicators across 25+ countries. We created the Earth Hero app to make it easy to respond to the climate crisis and improve lives.

Earth Hero serves as a personal guide for people who want to be a part of the solution. The Earth Hero app offers hundreds of actions people can take immediately to reduce carbon pollution, improve their lives, and help influence systemic changes to build a better world. Each suggested action is thoroughly researched and supported by documented scientific data.

Ben Gerhold, Co-Founder and President of The Board of Directors, tells the story of how Earth Hero started: “A few years ago my significant other heard a story in the news about the climate crisis and wanted to be part of the solution. She searched for a climate action app, but could not find one. Because I knew how to code iOS apps, she asked if I could help. I accepted the challenge and reached out to Dr. Peter Kalmus, and Dr. Annette Olson - scientists working on climate change - and we agreed to form a team of volunteers to create the app. It’s been an amazing journey. The app has over 100,000 users in 150 countries who have achieved over half a million climate actions. It’s a good start and it is so motivating to keep connecting with others who freely give their time for the sake of helping others.”

Join the Earth Hero community - Try the app and help restore a healthy Earth where all lives can thrive.

App Review Quotes:

“Finally - easy to follow instructions on ways to help the climate crisis.”

“I’m going to admit that I’m pretty new to the environmental movement, but this app makes it so incredibly easy to get started, or continue, with your eco-friendly actions.”

“Earth Hero is by far the best app I have ever gotten.”

"I LOVE It. It's very inspiring, practical, friendly, has a beautiful layout, and its objectives are key for our survival in peace with nature.”

“Absolutely loving this app. By far the best of this kind I've used.”

“Thinking about climate change is overwhelming for me - the sheer magnitude makes me feel paralyzed, not knowing where to even start. Earth Hero removes so much of that difficulty.”

“The actions are fun and attainable for wherever you are in your journey and it’s so gratifying to see your progress as you complete actions and take the steps toward your goal. I’m feeling more hopeful about the future.”