Your actions are powerful.

Switch to reusable baby wipesPlant a food-treeBoil only the water you needVacation close to home
We know that climate change is a problem and we need to reduce the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the air to solve it, but how? We lead busy lives and hear about some basic ways to have an impact, but which ones are best?

Earth Hero helps you respond to climate change by discovering personalised, positive actions you can take. That includes personal actions to reduce your carbon pollution and ways to help others change their polluting ways.

The actions in Earth Hero are based on scientific research that helps prioritize and/or quantify the impact as best as possible. Where specific data is lacking, then our impact rankings are based on the best judgement of our team of experts.

This does take effort, and we have a global team working on it, but there are many potential actions that need research, as well as differences in actions among regions. Find out how you can contribute to actions in our database.