Brush teeth with the water off

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Toothpaste, then water. Water, toothpaste, water. Water, toothpaste. Just toothpaste? No matter which of these is the order you prep before brushing, I hope we can agree on one thing; there is no need for the water to run once you start brushing!

Keeping the water off will while you brush adds up over time. That saves you water which, in turn, will save you money! Assuming you brush your teeth twice a day, for roughly 2 minutes, turning the tap off while you are scrubbing away can save up to a bucket of water in one day alone. That adds up over a lifetime! It is an easy switch to save precious water and money!


• When you do use water, turn the tap to the cold side so you do not pull hot water from your tank or boiler to avoid wasted energy. The hot water is not nearly hot enough to kill bacteria, so, while brushing, there is no added benefit of using hot water rather than cold.

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