Use cloth napkins and towels

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More and more people are switching from paper to cloth napkins and towels to reduce the cutting down of trees and to save money. Class up your home a little bit by phasing out flimsy napkins and paper towels. Plus you save money and do not need to lug around throw away napkins and paper towels from the store anymore!


• Instead of taking all the paper products out of the house at once, try transitioning in parts. Perhaps start with replacing the paper napkins with cloth ones. After a few weeks, transition to the kitchen to replace paper towels with cloth ones. Keep this approach up, to ease into the process.

• The transition may be as simple as pulling napkins and small cloth towels you already have from out of a drawer or closet and putting them somewhere more convenient to use. If you do not have options readily available, there are plenty of high-quality used options online to fit your needs and style.

• If cloth towels do not replace all the uses of your paper towels, look into reusable paper towel options. They fit on your current paper towel holder, are more durable, and can be washed multiple times to reuse again and again.

• Not sure if this action will work for you? Allow yourself a trial. You can see if it works for you without feeling like you are locked in. Perhaps give it a couple of months, see what you save, and see how it goes for your household. If it does not work for you in all situations, no big deal.

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