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Besides being the beautiful gentle giants of the oceans, whales help sequester enormous amounts of carbon pollution. They are huge animals that ingest a lot and mix up the oceans - creating phytoplankton blooms everywhere.

First, phytoplanktons photosynthesize, i.e. convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. Second, when whales die they fall (majestically) to the ocean floor, taking the carbon in their bones and oil to the bottom where various life forms decompose the body and mix it into the ocean floor.


There are five methods to help whales thrive:

1. Talk about and advocate for whale conservation regionally, nationally, and internationally. Specifically, advocate against whale hunting and for fishing nets that allow whales to bypass. Help others become aware.

2. Contact the International Whaling Commission. Write a letter to your country\'s representative on the International Whaling Commission (IWC). Visit the Humane Society International website. Then click the link to write a letter about closing the loophole that allows the continued killing of whales.

3. Avoid products that contain whale meat. Japan ignores the International Whaling Commission statutes and sets its own quotas and standards for whaling. Meat from Japan\'s whale hunts is then packaged and sold on international markets.

4. Join an organization that is actively working to stop practices that harm whales. You can become a member of a conservation organization with a small donation.

5. Be a whale tourist if you live close to a coast. This helps you better appreciate these fellow mammals and supports businesses that have an interest in helping them thrive. Also a potential gift!

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