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Nobody likes to receive annoying spam emails or unwanted promotions from email lists. Did you know that this annoyance is detrimental to the environment? These emails require energy to be sent and received, which is not sustainable unless powered by a clean energy source. Unfortunately, the majority of these companies do not use entirely clean energy.

Unsubscribing from these lists reduces the amount of energy generated in two places, 1) wherever the email is sent from and 2) the device that receives the email.

Plus it saves you time looking at emails and from being sucked into buying stuff that does not really make your life better! So simply go ahead and unsubscribe to improve your well being a bit. This likely will not save you much, but it will reduce the energy used, and has a positive impact for your life and polluting emissions.


• Your email provider may give you handy unsubscribe links at the top of individual emails. Take advantage of these to take yourself off lists as new emails come in.

• Do you have a massive amount of lists that you need to unsubscribe from? There are various apps available to help make this process easier. Some are free, though you do need to give the tool access at least temporarily to your emails. Some cost a small fee.

• This action is not about eliminating all email lists from your life. If there are ones you enjoy or are important, keep on receiving from them. This is simply about tidying up the rest that are of no value.

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