Try eating vegetarian for a month

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Understand the health, environmental, and ethical reasons to cut meat out of your diet, but not sure if it works for you? That is completely understandable. Eating meat is a habit that has been part of your life for a long time.

Why not try going veg for a month and see how it goes? Trying a new diet for a month is a fantastic way to test it out. Maybe it works. Maybe it does not. At least you will know after giving it a go. Along that journey, you can experience the impact on your health, energy, and taste buds to tell the tale on the other side!


• Fasten your belts and embark on a fascinating new sensory pathway that will nourish your soul as much as your taste buds. This is an excuse to try out some new foods. Some will be amazing new finds that become a part of your life from now on. Others will not that you will never touch again. In either case, have fun with it.

• Reflect on the foods you eat now. Chances are a lot of your favorite options are vegetarian. Rely on these go-to options as a good foundation to build on.

• If you slip up, do not worry about it. That is normal. This is not about perfection. It is about trying things out and figuring out what works for you and makes your life better.

• Is there a friend or family member that could be open to trying this with you? Why not ask them if they are up for it so you have someone to share ideas and experiences with. It also gives an excuse to chat and connect!

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