Add low-flow aerators to faucets

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Installing low-flow aerators to your sink faucets is a great way stop wasting water and save energy from heating excess water. Plus it provides an excellent water flow experience.

New aerators are very affordable and installing one is often a matter of screwing the new one onto to the tip of your kitchen and bathroom sink faucets. The aerator grill infuses air into the water and makes a low-flow of water more powerful. This, in turn, reduces hot water use, reduces carbon pollution, and saves you money.


In our typical routines, sometimes we do not stop to observe how our faucets are operating. So, now is a great moment to see your home with fresh eyes!

• The type of grill on the faucet determines the maximum flow rate of a faucet. Not sure if you have low-flow aerators already? There’s a quick and very simple way to check.

Get a container that holds half a gallon or 2 liters. Open the faucet. If it takes less than 12 seconds to fill the bucket it makes sense to install a new aerator.

• Many aerators simply screw off from the end of a faucet. Sometimes you can do it by hand. Sometimes you might need pliers or a wrench. If you can get yours off, it is handy to take with you to the store so you can match the correct replacement size.

• If not, take a picture of your faucet and go to a hardware or other specialized store to ask whether you will be able to adapt a low-flow aerator.

• Alternatively, you can consider replacing the faucet. Look for options that have green-building or low-water flow certification. This is a common option at most stores with a good selection.

• A quick search online will bring up tutorials and videos on how to replace aerators to help you proceed with full confidence.

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• US Department of Energy: https://



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