Insulate hot water pipes

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Insulating your hot water pipes will reduce losses as the hot water is flowing to your faucet, and more importantly, it will reduce standby losses when the tap is turned off and then back on within an hour or so.

Water heating is a major energy use. As we use hot water for our showers, laundry and washing dishes, collectively, we are consuming a quarter of our residential energy use worldwide. In the typical house around 10% of the water heating energy is lost in the distribution system. In a large house, distribution losses are even greater. It is a waste and like flushing money down the drain.


• Hot water pipe insulation is relatively inexpensive and pays for itself. A simple sleeve is placed over the hot water pipe and typically taped into place. A quick search online will show you how to do it and the options.

One video can be found at:

• The project is easy to do yourself where your hot water pipes are exposed. For example, coming out of your water heater and in your basement (if you have one).

• However, for pipes that are in the walls, it is likely not a project worth doing. In that case, keep the idea in mind for when there is another reason to open up a wall, such as a leak or a major remodel.

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