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Install a bidet to reduce your toilet paper consumption and bring this luxury home trend into your life. Bidets are extremely popular throughout many parts of the world thanks to the cleaner, fresher, and healthier feeling they give.

If you are not familiar, a bidet sprays water to help clean you off instead of rubbing with toilet paper. After a try, many people cannot imagine life without them. Give it a go and decide for yourself.

Plus as a bonus, there are savings to be made from not spending as much on toilet paper and avoiding plumbing issues!

Many toilet paper users go through over 100 rolls per year and each roll takes around 37 gallons of water to create. Plus there is the energy to form it (usually from polluting sources), and contributions to deforestation, especially if the trees cut down to make toilet paper are not sustainably managed.

Most toilet paper is made with virgin wood rather than recycled fiber. The logs are turned into wood chips at the mill, then sent through a chemical process to remove fibers. The white color comes from another chemical process.


• Not sure if this is for you? No worries and no rush. Just keep it in mind to try out when you come across one and go from there.

• Bidets can be installed in many different forms. They can be included in your toilet, come as a separate unit, or simply added to an existing toilet with an attachment. A quick search online will give you a sense of the possibilities.

• There is a wide range of options to choose from for your tastes. For example, there are simple affordable bidet attachments that take ten minutes to install. Alternatively, go for the heated seat and warm water spa version.

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