Eat less meat and seafood

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Cut down on your weekly meat and seafood consumption to quickly and significantly reduce emissions, especially if you eat red meat. Scientific authorities suggest eating less meat and seafood is one of the biggest things you can do to tackle your personal emissions.

Gradually changing our habits together over time can have a big impact on a healthier and more sustainable planet. Plus it leads to better health and even saves some money!

Raising animals to eat is very inefficient. There is more land under cultivation to feed animals than there is to directly feedback humans in many countries. This wasteful use of land leads to forests and other natural landscapes being cleared for farmland. This releases pollution into the air, plus there are the emissions generated from the animals themselves.


• Take your time to switch, as rushing could cause you to give up too soon. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Better habits are built slowly over time.

• Pick certain days of the week to avoid eating meat. Yay Meatless Mondays! On other days considering decreasing your portion size towards a healthier approach.

• Learn a few tasty vegetarian recipes to provide good alternatives. Have fun with this exploration. If you do not like something new, well now you know and can move onto something else.

• Try diverse cuisines from other countries. Many food cultures around the world are based on vegetarian dishes.

• As you switch away from meat, you will slowly notice that you begin to pick up the previously subtle, wonderful flavors in the vegetables more.

• Cooking plant-based food is usually easier and there are no health issues from under-cooking.

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