Plant a pollinator friendly garden

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Turn available space into an oasis for bees and butterflies. With so many green spaces disappearing, our pollinator friends could use some help finding food.

They return the favor by sticking around and pollinating both our flowers, plus our fruits and vegetables. Pollinators are also great at pest control. Many of them keep small bugs and pests under control, which helps plants thrive.


• Do not have an easy spot for gardening? Search online for community garden clubs that beautify shared land. It gives you a good excuse to get outside, have some fun, and connect with others in the community.

• Research plants that are bee, butterfly, and other pollinator favorites. A local garden center is a great resource plus you can research options for your region online.

• Find plants that flower in different seasons. A mix of diverse plants that bloom throughout the year will keep pollinators fed and the garden looking beautiful throughout the seasons.

• Plant in clumps rather than single plants to make it easier for pollinators to find their tasty treats. For example, if you place plants closer together, and avoid using landscape fabric and mulch, this will form a superior weed barrier. Plus you get extra space for more blooms!

• Save garden cleanup for after winter. Fallen leaves, stems, and flowers are the homes of pollinators making it through the coldest parts of the year.

• For lower maintenance and lower cost in the long-run, go with perennial plants. That way you do not need to worry about re-planting annuals every year, unless you find annuals that are good at re-seeding themselves.

• Ideally, you can find plants that are native and non-invasive. A good garden center or online research can help you identify native options.

• Have fun with it! Plan your layout ahead or wing it. Figure out what works for you and your situation, learn, and improve over time little by little.

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Photo by Jenna Lee on Unsplash