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One of our most important needs, for most of us, water is often taken for granted being conveniently piped right to our homes. This tremendous human achievement should be given its due credit and appreciated, but also its limits when taken too far.

The far-stretching ecological consequences from overuse of fresh water can cause a chain of environmental problems. These include lessening water availability upstream, desertification, destroying life, lessening biodiversity, and the huge amount of energy usually needed to pump the water far distances, which typically come from polluting sources. If you want to learn more about how that can negatively come together then check out the case of California.

As we increasingly realize these inconvenient ecological realities, rainwater harvesting is becoming a more popular solution to ease the burden on the rest of our eco-system. It saves the energy and waste that go into complex water distribution systems. Plus you will always have a low cost and safe water source readily available.


• Depending on your living situation, the best set up will vary. Start with some research into the different options, or simply mark this action as Not for me if it does not work for you.

• Watching videos online about rainwater harvesting is a nice way to find inspiration and think about how to implement your project.

• There are many different ways to set a system up. It could be a do it yourself project, hiring professional help, or in-between like a rainwater harvesting workshop, such as something like this.

• Naturally set up your system in a way to ensure clean, hygienic water, as well as avoiding the creation of a mosquito habitat.

• Consider the potential for this project to tie into future projects you have in mind, such as growing your own food or filtering for use in home.

• In certain areas, particularly arid ones, it is actually illegal to harvest rainwater. Check your local laws and act accordingly.

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