Use eco-friendly laundry detergent

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Solving the global plastic pollution problem is a huge task that is going to require the implementation of hundreds of different micro solutions. One of those solutions is replacing traditional plastic container liquid laundry detergent with an eco-strip, pod, or powder option.

Eco-strips are hyper-concentrated dry strips that minimize water usage during production and creates an end product that is 90 percent plus lower in weight, which reduces shipping emissions. Simply drop the strip in like you would add detergent.

Eco-pods also use a concentrated formula in dissolvable pods which similarly reduce water usage and shipping emissions. Both versions tend to use compostable packaging as well.

There are lots of different varieties like this to choose from, including powder options. The key thing is to pick something that does not come in a plastic container and liquid form, to reduce plastic and shipping pollution. Plus you do not need to carry around heavy liquid bottles anymore!



• If your local store does not have good options, look online to find a wide selection.

• After finding something that works well for you, consider buying in bulk to hopefully get a discount and minimize your shipping and packaging impact.

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