Use waste-free menstrual products

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Are you tired of the toxins and waste created from traditional throw-away menstrual products? Try menstrual cups or reusable pads to improve your health, save money, and reduce waste.


Sanitary pads and tampons are made with all kinds of toxins, artificial coloring, and unsustainable materials. The billions of pieces that are manufactured each year take their toll. For many, it is a burden on the monthly bill and favorite clothes.

Now, there are simple, widely available solutions for these problems! Join a growing trend and give menstrual cups, washable/reusable absorbent underwear, or pads a try to improve your health, save money, and prevent lots of waste from entering landfills.

All brands of menstrual cups are chemical-free because they use medical-grade silicone. They also promote vagina health as rather than absorbing your natural lubricants, it simply collects them. People who use the cup report fewer cramps, fewer leakage, and less dryness. If you are worried about hygiene or smells, do not be. Period panties are sanitary and are designed with anti-microbial and moisture-wicking properties to prevent odors.

Consider a one-time investment that leads to virtually no plastic waste and saves you money!


• You will likely find that using a combination of products, like a cup and underwear, works best for different points in your period.

• You may want to keep throw-away products as part of the mix as you get used to new waste-free options. It may help you feel better covered as you figure out what works for you.

• Give yourself a few cycles to get used to the cup, find your fold, and learn how often you need to dump it depending on your flow.

• If you are nervous about using a cup, consider easing your way into it by opting for a disc first. Also, remember to breathe, relax, and watch a how-to video.

• Cleaning period underwear and reusable pads is super simple! Most can go into a washing machine.

• If you do not think you will ever get comfortable with this, do not worry about it and focus life improvements elsewhere.

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