Use a refillable water bottle

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Plastic water bottles are a major source of pollution and are easy to avoid. Bring your own refillable water bottle to save money and reduce plastic pollution.


Commit to avoiding single-use bottled water and bring your own water bottle with you.

Single-use plastics are made from oil and will litter the land and seas for longer than your lifetime. They decompose slowly and very little of it ends up getting recycled, even if you throw your bottle into a recycling bin. Most bottled water comes from the same source as tap water and costs 2,000 times the price.

Plus while bottled water is generally safe it is not always free of contaminants. Research has shown that plastic can leach a compound known to cause dizziness and depression. In an analysis of plastic baby bottles, sippy cups and water bottles another study found that almost all commercially available plastic products leached chemicals having reliably-detectable estrogenic activity that can lead to endocrine disruption, which is associated with higher rates of certain cancers, obesity, learning disabilities and behavioral changes.


• If you do not have a water bottle to use now, you can start by reusing a sturdy disposable one.

• There is a huge selection of used water bottle options to buy online if you do not already have one around.

• If you like having cold water, leave your water bottle in the fridge overnight to chill.

• Some water bottles or thermoses can be disassembled, which makes them easier to clean.


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