Use tubed toothpaste alternatives

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Switch out your plastic tubed toothpaste for powder or tablets to reduce waste and chemicals. Find a sustainable brand and try a small amount to see if it fits you well.


Switch out your tubed toothpaste for toothpaste powder or tablets! This is a new method of brushing our teeth that is not only better for the environment but also better for your teeth!

These new twists on toothpaste typically use organic ingredients, reducing the paste or powder to only the essentials. This excludes unnecessary chemicals that regular toothpaste contains. Plus, because these products do not contain any liquids, they are great for traveling.

These products typically come in recyclable glass jars and have refillable pouches that you can order and pour into your glass jar so that you only purchase the item itself rather than the container every time. However, if this option is unavailable for whichever sustainable brand you find, or you did not like what you tried, perhaps you can upcycle the container and use it for yourself after it is empty.


• Do a quick search online to find an option to try. Have fun with the exploration. Reviews can be your friend in finding a good fit to begin with.

• Start with a small jar of toothpaste powder or tablets. This method of brushing your teeth is not for everybody since the texture is different from the tubed paste most people are used to. However, be open to trying different products and brands since the texture can differ greatly, including being more or less foamy.

• One way to increase the foam is to wet your brush once or twice more.


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