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Paper tape is a sustainable alternative to plastic tape. You can use it for arts and crafts, gift-wrapping, packing, and shipping to reduce your plastic consumption.


What, did you say paper tape? Paper tape is exactly the same as regular plastic tape functionally. Only, it is better because it is sustainable and does not take 100+ years to decompose and muck up the environment like its clear plastic alternative!

What exactly is paper tape? It is any kind of tape that is made from paper that does not include plastic as part of the mix. There are various sizes so that you can use paper tape at work for arts and crafts, gift-wrapping, packing, and shipping.

Typical clear plastic tape is just what you think it is. Plastic. All of it. The tape itself, the dispenser, and the roll it is on. Those are three good reasons to make a switch. This is a simple way to keep reducing your plastic consumption bit by bit.

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