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Is your food about to expire? Afraid you will not be able to eat it before it goes bad? Do not throw it out. Put it in the freezer!

When you put items in the freezer, it preserves the state of the food to lock in freshness until you are ready to eat it. Then you have that food when you need it. It is a nice, easy way to reduce food waste!

Not only will you make the most out of your purchases by extending their lifespan, but you are also saving money. Plus, you will not have to replace items as quickly!


• Explore freezing foods that you had not thought of freezing before. For example, fresh bread freezes and thaws quite well. Not sure if something will freeze nicely? Do a quick search online!

• If you enjoy cooking, create a bigger portion of a tasty creation ahead of time and freeze the leftovers for fast and easy meals.

• Freeze foods in portions fit for you and your household to make it easier to thaw or reheat as needed.

• Find a great deal in the store for something that is perishable? Buy it up and put what you cannot eat right away in the freezer for later!

• Keep older foods in the front of the freezer and newer foods near the back to help ensure you know what your options are.

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