Save with washable air filters

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Tired of wasting money on disposable air filters? Switch to washable ones! They cost more upfront but save money in the long run and reduce waste. Look online for options in the same size as your current filters.


Do you have a heating or cooling system that uses replaceable filters to clean the air? If not, then hit Not for me. If so, read on!

Paying for disposable filters you throw away after each use is a waste. It wastes money, wastes the materials to create new ones and wastes space in a landfill. Did you know that there are reusable, washable air filters that do the same job and save you money and time buying new ones? You wash out the dirt and particles they catch, dry them, and use them again!

A washable filter costs more upfront, but they last years, so they quickly pay for themselves and then some. Besides saving you money, it is also better for the environment, with less waste being thrown out every month.


• Look at the size of your current filters and then search online for a washable version that is the same size. You will likely find better options online than in a store.

• A key consideration is the quality of the filter. Filters are usually rated on their effectiveness. A higher MERV rating or lower ePM1 number indicates higher quality air cleaning. The trade-off naturally is the cost.

• Consider buying one washable filter at first. This helps with the upfront cost and you can see what you like before spending a lot of money at once if you need multiple ones.


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