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To reduce textile waste and save money, consider shopping second-hand or making your own Halloween costume. Visit thrift stores or search online for options.


This Halloween, consider shopping for a second-hand or homemade costume instead of buying a brand-new one!

Sadly, most textiles end up in the landfill. Rather than purchasing costumes sold by large retailers that create a lot of pollution, go to a local thrift store, second-hand store, or second-hand online marketplace to create your own costume. It will reduce textile waste and you can always reuse or share it with a friend next year!


• Visit your local thrift and second-hand stores and browse for Halloween-related clothing items and donated costumes. It might spark some ideas for you and you can build your costume around the things you find.

• To complete your costume, you may need to buy some brand-new items, and that is okay! We still want to live a good life. The goal is to reduce textile waste, so buy as many second-hand items as you can.

• Have fun and think outside the box! Looking for inspiration? A quick internet search may help you find Halloween inspiration.

• To build inexpensive costumes, create DIY outfits at home. You can always rely on your clothes, such as hats, scarves, sports equipment, and jewelry, to make a great costume.

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