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It would not be the holiday season without gifts! As fun as it is to give and receive gifts, the physical ones generate excess pollution and waste due to the resources needed to create, ship, and package them. The waste from just wrapping and gift bags alone is astounding.

A nice way to reduce the drain on our planet is to give experience-based gifts. Rather than giving a physical gift that might not even get used, give a fun experience and memory. That could range from going skating, seeing a movie, enjoying a concert, or giving gift cards to local businesses. The options are endless!

Does this mean never giving stuff as a gift? No, if a gift makes a life better then go for it. Just consider giving experience-based gifts as an alternative to keep unnecessary pollution down.


• Cannot decide on an experience to gift? There are many ideas online to check out. Here are a few good lists to get you thinking:

50 of the best experience gifts

35 Unique Gift Experiences That Prove Quality Time Is the Best Present You Can Give

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• Figure out what your friend or loved one enjoys and tailor the gift to their preferences and interests.

• Some experience-based gifts can be expensive, but there are many low-budget options that can be just as special and meaningful, like making a fun music mix or creating personalized coupons.

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