Avoid smoking and vaping

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Smoking and vaping are not just bad for your health; it is also bad for our environment. 600 million trees are cut down and burned annually to dry and cure tobacco leaves. Avoid it to help yourself and our planet!


Tobacco does not just negatively impact the health of individuals, as most of us are aware, it also endangers our environment. The cultivation, production, distribution, consumption, and waste from smoking have a meaningful negative impact. For example, the annual emissions from manufacturing, processing, and transportation of tobacco are equal to one-fifth of the climate pollution created by the commercial aviation sector.

The smoke from cigarettes and e-cigarettes itself is not a big impact, but 600 million trees are felled and burned annually to dry and cure tobacco leaves. Additionally, 6 kilometers of paper an hour is used to wrap and package cigarettes.

Further, when e-cigarette and cigarette waste isn’t disposed of properly, it makes its way into our environment, polluting water, air, and land with toxic chemicals [almost 600] and heavy metals. An estimated 750,000+ metric tons of cigarette butts and e-cigarette waste make their way into our environment every year.

And then there is the mental harm. Nicotine is often used as a way to reduce stress, but we often forget that stress is caused in part by the dependence on tobacco. Cigarettes lure us into thinking they soothe our stress while they actually seem to create it.

A bonus from avoiding smoking and vaping is you save a lot of money! All those Nicotine products add up to a lot of money. Not to mention the healthcare-related treatments due to their negative effects.


• If you are having difficulty cutting back or quitting, do not be hard on yourself! This task is not an easy one. These products are addictive, so this is normal. Look for support from your family, friends, doctor, and community to help lead you in the right direction. Take it one small victory and step at a time toward a better life.

• If you vape and are having a hard time stopping or do not intend to, opt for refillable ones so that you discard less waste and save money.

• If you do not smoke or vape nicotine, keep it that way! Because of stress, you may want to restart this habit, but do not give up on your efforts. As we said above, smoking actually causes more stress than it alleviates. Your impact is bigger than you probably realized.

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