Extra clothes & turn heat down

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Instead of heating your entire home, why not create your own personal heat bubble with an extra layer of clothes? Delaying turning the heat on as long as you can. Once on, keeping the heat at a lower temperature saves you money and prevent carbon pollution emissions.


• Adjust your thermostat a degree or two lower to get started and see what works best for you.

• Enjoy the sensation of comfort! Wear your favorite bulky sweater or fluffy robe with your favorite fuzzy socks or comfy slippers. Or just wrap yourself in a big blanket.

• Drink some hot chocolate or your favorite tea!

• Hold your cat sitting on your lap or your dog next to you. Pet gerbils will not do, I am afraid. :-)

• Close your curtains at night and close the door to your room to help keep the heat in.

• Move your favorite chair away from drafty windows during winter.

• Consider heated clothing if you are going to significantly reduce your thermostat. A rechargeable electric battery powers a cozy heat field around your body.

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