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Plastic wrap is meant to be used once and then thrown away, which is a bit wasteful. Try beeswax wraps instead! They can be used over and over, and help cut down on plastic pollution.


Plastic wrap is a common household item that extends the life of food. Unfortunately it adds to the plastic pollution crisis, it is difficult to recycle, and it is made from harmful chemicals.

It may be marketed as a recyclable product, but plastic wrap is difficult and expensive to recycle. Due to its thin and flimsy nature, it clogs machines, slowing down the recycling process. Most ends up in a landfill. When thrown in the landfill or incinerated, the chemicals in the plastic wrap create a chemical called dioxin, which is highly toxic. Plastic wrap that makes its way into the ocean can harm sea creatures who mistake the plastic for food.

Thankfully, there is a better alternative — beeswax wrap! Beeswax wraps are made from simple ingredients and materials. They are reusable, long-lasting, cost-efficient, and biodegradable. Save money with this reusable option and leave plastic wrap in the past!


• Most grocery stores and small shops sell a variety of beeswax wraps. Alternatively, there are lots of online options to choose from.

• Choose a long-lasting one. If the wrap needs to be replaced on an annual basis, then it is not really reducing much waste.

• By applying pressure to the wrap, the heat from your hands allows you to mold the wrap to any container, dish, fruit, or vegetable.

• Feeling crafty? You can also make your own wraps at home by following this step-by-step guide.

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