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A great way to reduce the pollution created from your electricity, signal to your neighbors the importance of clean energy, and even save money in the long-run!

Buying rooftop solar panels has an upfront cost, but pays for itself typically after less than 10 years. That could possibly end up being much less, depending on how much sun your roof gets, and the subsidies (credits and rebates) available in your country and region. After this payback period you get free energy.

A second option is to rent your rooftop to solar companies. If it is available in your area, you will get free electricity, and they get to sell the extra.

If you buy, the energy payback time (the time it takes for solar panels to eliminate the same amount of emissions it took to make them) is about three years.


• If you have friends who have already installed rooftop solar talk to them about their experience. If not, you can ask questions in online forums or learn more from reading articles online.

• Most experts advise buying the system outright, instead of leasing, but leasing is a viable option if upfront costs are an issue.

• Talk to at least a couple of vendors to get a sense of what makes the most sense for, but most importantly take that first step and reach out to at least one to get started!

• If your roof will need replacing within a few years, you might need to take care of that first. The solar companies will look at your roof when they come out the first time, and may request a roofing company to inspect it.

• Depending on your circumstance, simply switching your electricity supplier to a 100% renewable option might be a simpler option. See the Action related to this in the app for more details.

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