Change light bulbs to LEDs

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Take a big energy efficiency step and change your light bulbs to LEDs as they go out. Collectively we save huge amounts of energy and pollution by doing this.

LEDs also last longer so that saves time from buying and changing them. Plus they save money from lower energy costs and because they last longer! A typical incandescent bulb will glow for about 1,000 hours while LEDs hang in there for 25,000 hours or more.


• LED (light emitting diode) bulbs now come in cool and warm colors, in all shapes and sizes, and have dimmable options. You can customize your lighting however you prefer!

• It is better to wait to replace your incandescent bulbs with LEDs as they burn out. Try not to waste something that is already been manufactured. Most new things are created using polluting energy.

• LED bulbs are much cooler than most other bulbs, especially halogen bulbs, and thus present less of a fire and burn hazard.

• Lighting accounts for about twenty percent of annual household electricity bills so switching to more efficient LEDs add up to meaningful savings over time.

• Give as a gift, especially as a house-warming gift that helps keep a house cool!

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