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Did you know that there are an estimated 150 million free-roaming cats in the world? And that cats are capable of having 20 kittens per year? Only a tiny percent of stray cats are spayed or neutered.

This is a major issue as it is estimated that cats kill over 2 billion birds and 12 billion small mammals every year and are the number one cause of non-natural bird deaths.

That is why it is so essential for cities and individuals to support Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) programs. These programs limit the ability of these animals to reproduce to such an extent that it strains local wildlife. TNR also helps improve the quality of life of these cats!


Search whether there are any TNR programs near you to familiarize yourself. That way you can contact them if you discover a stray or feral cat or a colony. It is also good to know if the topic comes up with others.

• Be an advocate for TNR programs in general. Thank government officials and groups for their work in this area. Give support for adequate resourcing.

• If you live in an area without a professional TNR program - and you want to help the local stray/feral cat population - consider doing TNR yourself if you have the means and the time. Here is a quick guide for DIY TNR. Have a plan and do your research before starting!

• If you are going to do TNR on your own, consider doing it while temperatures are not extremely cold outside. The cats’ hair will be shaved for surgery, and this could affect their health in colder weather.


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