Air-dry clothes after washing

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Choose air-drying instead of tumble-drying your clothes and make good carbon savings, especially if your energy source for drying is polluting. Hang it on a line outside or a rack inside as often as you can to also save some money on your energy costs.

Plus no one likes it when clothes develop holes or unravel after lots of laundry cycles. Air-drying helps keep the wear and tear down so your clothes last longer. On top of that, a single dryer can discharge up to 120 million microfibers annually, which is considerably more than from washing machines. These fibers can be irritants if they are ingested or inhaled, plus are not great if they make their way into our water and soil.


• Wash clothes on dry, sunny days to help speed up drying.

• Be careful not to leave your clothes out in the direct sun too long or they may get sun-bleached. This is naturally a perk for white clothes!

• Use a rack inside during bleaker weather.

• Proudly fly the laundry flag for your neighbors to see!

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