Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA)

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The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA) is a farmer-led civil society organisation of people working together towards socially-just and ecologically-sound food and agriculture systems. They foster the democratic participation of Indigenous Peoples, smallholders, and local communities in decision making processes to decolonize the agricultural system. They value protecting biodiversity, food sovereignty, and support agroecological food production that protects land, people, and animals. Their 7 Pillars of Food Sovereignty are 1) Food for people, 2) Builds knowledge and skills, 3) Works with nature, 4) Values food providers, 5) Localises food systems, 6) Puts control locally, and 7) Food is sacred. Their work covers ground-up movement building across farming, research, legal reform, and legal support. They also help craft create policy and help new farmers get started. All are welcome to join the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance. Get started by signing up for their newsletter and following them on social media. You can also become a member, check out their free online resources, and join an upcoming event. Researchers, farmers, and educators are encouraged to join their Agroecology Action Research Network.

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