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GermanZero is a policy-focused organization that lobbies German political parties to implement adequate solutions to the climate crisis. Their policies comprise more than 200 measures from all sectors. These sectors include energy, industry, transportation, construction, agriculture, land use, and more. They aim to ensure the 1.5-degree limit is maintained and zero emissions are reached by 2035. They combine their policy and advocacy work with grassroots campaigning to generate a critical mass of citizens. They are sending a clear message to policymakers: they want to climate-proof their future and a clear and ambitious plan to reach their goals. While GermanZero focuses on the national level, the organization is also growing its grassroots municipal network. 'Klimaentscheide teams' work to make towns and cities climate-neutral with the help of their online tool, LocalZero. To get started, you can sign up to receive their newsletter. Don't forget to check out their upcoming events and volunteer to join or start a local chapter!

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