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Kalpavriksh is a non-profit organisation working on environmental and social issues. Kalpavriksh believes that a country can develop meaningfully only when ecological sustainability and social equity are guaranteed, and a sense of respect for, and oneness with nature, and fellow humans is achieved. Kalpavriksh focuses on environmental education, ecosystem protection, strengthening democracy, litigation, and research. Kalpavriksh is a name taken from Indian mythology and denotes a mythical tree which could grant all your wishes. Kalpa in Sanskrit means imagination and vriksh is a tree. Thus, the name stands for a tree of imagination. They are primarily based in Pune with members in Delhi, Bangalore, Dehradun and elsewhere. To get started, sign up to receive their newsletters. You can also contact them to inquire about their ongoing volunteer opportunities related to mapping, data entry, book sales, events, the design of promotional material, video editing, and media outreach.

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