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The Sierra Club is one of the most enduring and influential grassroots environmental organizations in the country. They amplify the power of their millions of members and supporters to defend our right to a healthy world. Sierra Club believes that actions speak louder than words. They have built a national community of volunteers, advocates, and grassroots activists who show up when and where it counts. Their supporters have the tools and resources to make themselves heard in nearly every district in every state across the country. From securing protection for hundreds of parks and monuments, to winning passage of the Clean Air and Endangered Species Acts, to putting coal plants on the path to replacement with clean energy, they have a record of success and impact. Local chapters also offer opportunities for hikes and other outings, along with activism on local and state issues. Enjoying the outdoors is a key part of the Sierra Club. Each year, Sierra Club volunteers lead over 15,000 trips annually, from extended backpacking trips to afternoon hikes not far from home. You need to pay to join the Sierra Club. You can opt-out of receiving the token stuff included with new membership and having your information shared, which usually results in junk mail and phone solicitation.

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