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Created in 1997 under the name of Cniid, Zero Waste France is citizen-led non-profit organization that campaigns for waste reduction and better resource management. It works with citizens, elected officials, professionals, and companies. Their vision is part of a global ecological transition, respecting human rights and considering disadvantaged populations. Our modes of production and consumption are no longer sustainable. Even when they are properly collected, waste is usually incinerated or ends up in a landfill. As a result, Zero Waste France focuses on raising awareness about the dangers of waste, ending the production of waste, passing regulatory policy, educating citizens, and analyzing legal texts to hold polluting companies accountable. All residents of France are welcome to join Zero Waste France. Get started by signing up for their newsletter, joining a local group, and following them on social media. Check out their free resources to help you transition to zero waste, mobilize your business, and engage your local representatives. You can also donate and become a member.

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