Earth Hero Volunteer Profile - Flavio Cannizzo

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Written by Lloyd Chrein

The wheels of progress are in constant motion at Earth Hero, with new actions, features and initiatives being added all the time. Keeping those efforts on track is a herculean task, particularly when a team of volunteers is doing the work. It takes vision, organizational skills, and a keen attention to detail. Flavio Cannizzo, who helps to lead project management efforts here, has all those priceless qualities, and more.

Flavio has lived in London for the past three years, and leads a data science team at a FinTech company. He joined the Earth Hero team in 2023 because he was "looking for a long-term project where I could use my professional skills to help make a positive impact and meet fellow motivated volunteers to make change together."

He made an instant and positive impact here, bringing his experience in data-driven decision-making and knowledge of operational efficiency and resource optimization. "These are all key areas in a tech organization with limited available resources," he said. "In addition, I have experience helping junior talent development via hiring and mentoring. I am keen to help talented volunteers in their professional development journey by making sure they extract the value they need to grow from Earth Hero."

Growth at any organization presents some challenges along the way, and one of them is making sure that projects are prioritized so that time - the most precious commodity - is used wisely and efficiently. To address this issue, Flavio and his fellow volunteers on "Team Project Leads" led a five-session workshop series designed to align the current priority roadmap with a set of medium- and long-term goals. 

"This required input from a range of team representatives, which fostered engaging and constructive decision-making," he said. "It was remarkable to see that the intrinsic aim of each discussion was to foster long-term positive change."

Flavio loves playing guitar, hiking, and traveling, and has a particular passion for cooking the cuisine of his native Italy "as my grandma taught me!" 

Overall, he noted that his contributions to Earth Hero, and the part he can play in addressing greater challenge presented by the climate emergency, are particularly fulfilling. "All long-lasting change requires collective action, and collective action requires a motivated and well-educated community," he concluded. "Earth Hero's volunteers are helping create this community, and that's brilliant."  

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