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With online shopping and delivery on the rise, so are the associated transportation emissions. Choosing standard shipping allows the shipper to use the most efficient method of transport, reducing climate pollution.


The world of online orders and home delivery is growing ever-present. This may not be all bad, versus driving around ourselves, if society can become extra efficient at the logistics of the entire process. A part of this is choosing the most sustainable option for sending and receiving packages.

Generally, the faster something is sent, the more energy the shipper puts into sending it, such as by flying packages. Unfortunately flying generates the most significant amount of carbon emissions per weight shipped, whether person or package.

When it is an option, choosing standard shipping allows the shipper to use the most efficient method of transport, which is usually sea or ground transport. That likely means a less polluting delivery as ship, train, and truck transit (to a lesser extent) have much lower emissions. It also means more opportunity for deliveries to be combined, which means fewer vehicles driving around.

The same applies when you are shipping something. Plan ahead when you can, and choose standard shipping.


• Does this mean never using expedited shipping? No, if the need is there, then go for it. Just realize that when it does not matter, you might as well go standard to reduce pollution.


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