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Switch to e-billing to save trees and time. Go paperless with your bills and statements to simplify your life and help our environment.


It is hard to believe that hundreds of billions of bills and updates are still sent out annually around the globe. That takes a lot of trees and energy to make happen.

The hurdles to e-billing are dropping away as more people embrace the technology and see the time-saving benefits. Plus the environmental arguments are simple: less paper waste and pollution.

Join the trend and simplify your life at the same time.


• Go for it now! Every time a bill comes to your home, go to that company and switch to e-billing immediately!

• The same goes for your bank and all of your monthly statements if you still receive paper copies.

• Do your emails tend to get lost in the shuffle? Consider setting up a separate email address for your household billing and finance.

• Take advantage of the benefits of e-billing, such as setting up automatic payments. Save yourself the time and worry of needing to remember to pay your bills on time.

• Have a less tech-savvy close friend or family member? Help them get set up with e-billing. If they can use a computer they can probably do e-billing with a little support. On the other hand, if you do not feel comfortable setting up e-billing, recruit someone to help!

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