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Cut down on the production of stuff and the associated pollution it creates by making personalized gifts. Plan ahead, repurpose items, and use reusable materials to create meaningful presents.


Help cut down the amount of stuff, especially plastic stuff, produced globally by making presents with a personal touch for celebrations. Also, it can be great fun to do with others.


• Plan ahead by knowing when birthdays are coming up and start making gifts early.

• Add personal touches to existing clothes or items to repurpose.

• Reuse pieces of card, fabric, jars, bottles for your gifts.

• Gift the presents in a reusable mug or other item instead of wrapped in paper.

• Have a making day and do several presents at once so you have a supply. This works well for children in particular or for jams and drinks.

• Tell the "why-I-am-making-presents" story in an attached homemade card.

• Glitter is a microplastic, which is killing photosynthesizing plankton. Best to avoid.


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