Use a reusable hot drink cup

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Half a trillion disposable coffee cups are manufactured every year; 70 per person on the planet. Less than 1% are recycled. Switch to a reusable cup to help reduce littering, plastic pollution, deforestation for paper production, and avoidable manufacturing energy.

As all paper cups meant to hold hot liquids have a layer of plastic in them, switching to a reusable, ceramic or metal cup also will minimize plastics leaching into your food and into your body.


• Put a reusable cup or mug in places where you would be using disposable cups instead.

• If you do not mind the weight, carry your reusable cup around in your bag, so it is there when you need it and not a wasted purchase.

• Using an old mug is even better than buying something new.

• If you do need to buy something new, it is an opportunity to make a climate change slogan visible to others. :-)

• Talk to your favorite local coffee shop about getting a basket-full of reusable cups.

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