Volunteer in a political niche

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All scales of representational democracy – from local to national to global – could use our help to highlighting the need for action.
You can focus on broad issues or narrow, work alone, or volunteer with an organization. The connections you will make can lead to endless opportunities to make progress towards a better world.


• Search online for groups that align with the scale (local, regional, national) that you might like to work with. Some may have work at the national level, but also have local chapters that can have a local emphasis. They can help match your volunteer efforts to a scale in a way that will make headway.

• Try out organizations to see if it is good fit for you. Do you think they are impactful? Do you like the people? Is it enjoyable? If not, not big deal. Try to find a better fit.

• On the local level, think about connecting with local politicians, school boards, city managers, attorney generals, etc. They are often very approachable and are the ones dealing with the actual problems and implementation. They often value help, support and insight to advance society!

• Further - you can focus your political volunteer time within a specific topical niche - such as park preservation, environmental justice or pollution. You may meet with representatives, who tend to respect those who know the details , and a focus on a particular topic can help you gain an understanding of costs, benefits, and potential solutions on various sides. Volunteering with an organization can help you acquire that background and training.


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