Join a climate action group

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Joining a climate action group is an outstanding way to amplify your voice. Our voices are most effective when we raise them together.

Your new group will help you learn more about how to make an impact, provide you with resources, allies and confidence in your journey as a climate activist. Some of your newest fun friends may soon be climate activist buddies!


• There are many excellent groups you can join, depending on your interests and tolerance for risk. You can browse some options by tapping the button at the bottom of this screen. We also encourage you to talk to friends or community members who are already engaging in climate activism to figure out what the best fit is for you. You can also search for local groups online.

• Participation can take so many different forms - you do not even need to leave your house to support a climate action group! Different groups focus on different aspects of addressing climate change in a combination of lobbying politicians, giving climate presentations, contacting the media, organizing marches, and other ways to educate on the problem and solutions, while advocating for action.

• Additional commitments can feel onerous in our sometimes busy lives; many climate action groups will welcome you for as much or as little input as you can give. Ask them what they need and the best way to get involved.


Track actions

Want to keep track of the actions you are trying and have already completed? Want to sort by the different actions? Download the free mobile app for easier browsing and a personalized experience.

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