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More than ever people rely on online reviews and ratings to make decisions on the products they buy, restaurants they visit, and experiences they try. The more that eco-friendly places are reviewed, the easier it is for others to find them. Add your voice to help build up the businesses that are sustainably operating and call out the ones that are not.


• If you do not have time to write long reviews, then simply write short ones. Multiple concise reviews for a range of products and services will generally have a bigger impact than one single novel length review.

• Think broadly about the types of things you might review. That might include an eating spot with lots of delicious plant-based options, a shop that has an amazing selection of recycled products, a green-friendly product online that makes your life better, or a place that minimizes plastic waste in their course of business.

• Think about different lenses to apply to your reviews. For example, many people are looking for the MOST environmentally friendly product and are concerned about packaging. Leaving a review about a company that does an exceptionally good job in their packaging will encourage other buyers to use that supplier and encourage the supplier to continually improve their product.

• As you write more reviews on a particular platform your reviews will likely have a bigger impact and be seen by more people. The algorithms for review sites tend to promote reviewers that are more active on their site.

• Write from your individual perspective. Keep it honest and stick to the facts to help others understand where you are coming from to enhance the usefulness of your review.

• Focus on the relevant details and leave out the extras. Set up the situation so readers can identify with the experience. For example, you might include the date you went to a restaurant or shop, why you were doing so, and lay out the information to setup your complaint or compliment. Trim out other details that a typical reader likely will not find important.

• Check your spelling, use complete sentences, and go easy on the exclamation points! :-)

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